Security advice

Use Kingii responsibly

Always remember that Kingii will try to keep you safe, but it is not a life-saving device, so there are some simple steps to follow to avoid any dangerous situation.

1. We also recommend wearing a life vest

Personal flotation devices like life vests that have been approved by official authorities like the US Coast Guards provide the best protection against drowning. Therefore, we also recommend wearing a life vest.
Kingii is not a personal flotation device and it cannot replace a life vest.
Instead, Kingii is a recreational water device that may provide additional buoyancy to the water safety equipment that you already have.

2. Kingii cannot eliminate the risk of drowning

Kingii can provide additional buoyancy, but it cannot eliminate the risk of drowning. It is not a life-saving device. For example, Kingii requires the wearer to pull the lever, which may not be possible if the wearer loses consciousness or if the wearer panics. To reduce the risk of drowning, we recommend wearing a life vest.

3. Kingii is intended for use only by confident swimmers

Kingii is only recommended for experienced swimmers aged 16 years and older. Parental supervision is required.

Kingii Single Pack

The instructions in the manual should be followed carefully


Please read and follow the instructions in the Kingii manual, which includes the following warnings:

Before using, read all the instructions and warnings carefully.
Failure to read and heed instructions and warnings can result in improper use of device and/or malfunctioning, resulting in property damage and serious injury.

This device is not intended for use by individuals 15 years or younger.

This is not a life saving device and it is intended for use only by confident swimmers. This is a recreational product and is not intended for use as a substitute for a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). All individuals using this device are encouraged to use a PFD. The device only works as a flotation device when actively inflated by the user.

Before each use, check to make sure device is properly armed and in good working condition.

Device must be rearmed after deployment. TheĀ CO2 cartridge is good for one use. Rinse with fresh water after exposure to salt water and/or sand.

Never aim device towards face or body when activating.

Never attempt to repair the product yourself.

Do not wear this device under clothing as inflation could result in injury.

Do not inflate device in confined areas or areas in which device may become tangled or ensnared.

Avoid overinflating. CO2 inflation after oral inflation could damage device and/or result in injury.

This device contains a CO2 cartridge the contents of which are under pressure. Do not expose to direct sunlight, puncture or store in heat above 120F/49C. Do not inhale or discharge contents of CO2 cartridge toward face or body. Contents can cause illness, irritation to skin and eyes, and/or frostbite when released. Keep out of reach of children.

Do you have any question?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

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