Safety around water

Kingii George

Meet Kingii George, the advocate for water safety

He will give you and your friends some advices about water safety

We all need a hero at least once in a lifetime. Kingii George, our mascot, is the champion of safety in the water and will give you the right advice and suggestions to better enjoy your adventures on and off the water. Using Kingii above all means being responsible, for your safety and that of your loved ones.

Safety around water

Make sure everybody in your family learns how to swim.

Never leave a child near the water without attendance. Teach children to always ask permission to go near water.

Safety around water

Never go boating without a life jacket!

 Whereas Kingii provides additional buoyancy, it cannot replace a life jacket (see our security advise).

Safety around water

Never swim alone

Keep your distance when in the water, but never be alone! A friend can give the alarm and help you in case of danger.

Safety around water

Do not drink and dive.

Alcohol impairs judgement, balance and coordination. Alcohol affects swimming and diving skills and reduces the body’s ability to stay warm.

Safety around water

Stay close to young children and avoid distractions.

Supervise children whenever they are around the water – even if lifeguards are present.

Safety around water

Swim only in areas that are supervised by lifeguards.

Remember to swim only in safe waters and supervised by lifeguards.

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of people surveyed said they have had an experience where they feared they might drown.

Red cross water safety pool 2009 with 1,011 U.S. Citizens

Drowning is a real risk

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) drowning has been an overlooked cause of death with 372,000 people drowning every year. The WHO has named drowning “A leading killer“ and has requested that the government and research teams take action to prevent drowning.

Do you have any question?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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