The smallest inflatable device in the world

Braccialetto Kingii al polso


Wear Kingii
also around water.

Braccialetto Kingii al polso


Pull the lever to activate
the inflatable bag.

Braccialetto Kingii al polso


Use Kingii to swim
to a safe area.

Braccialetto Kingii al polso


Refresh Kingii and enjoy
your next adventure.

Kingii is always next to you, inside and outside the water!

Many people don’t wear life jackets because they are uncomfortable and bulky.
The new Kingii Wearable is the practical and functional wrist bracelet, perfect for all ages, which revolutionizes safety in the water without limiting any movements. Kingii is the world’s smallest flotation device that you will never stop using to fully experience your adventures, to face sporting challenges and to enjoy the taste of discovery in safety: this is Kingii.

Kingii: enjoy in safety

On weekends on the road to discover new landscapes, on trips out of town with your family or on your next trips, Kingii Wearable is the perfect adventure companion for water lovers of all ages: always ready to lift you up when you feel you are going… to the bottom!

Ragazza con tavola da surf

For sport

If sport is your passion, Kingii Wearable is your perfect teammate: with Kingii you can work at your peak performance with the confidence of a faithful partner ready to watch your back when you need it the most.

A small and comfortable to wear safety inflatable, capable of offering high safety standards without affecting performance in the water.

With Kingii Wearable on your wrist you can aim to improve yourself day by day, you can challenge yourself and overcome yourself until you reach the finish line!

Are you ready to dive into a new adventure?


For your hobbies

Two words that together make you dream of escaping from the routine: Weekend and Kingii Wearable!

While waiting for the first to arrive, we present the second! Kingii Wearable is the wrist life buoy that frees you from worries to enjoy your free time in and near the water in total safety.

Take Kingii Wearable with you on weekends out of town, put it in your bag and wear it on your wrist as easily as you fasten a watch!

Immerse yourself in relaxation with Kingii!

Famiglia che nuota

For your family

When you go on vacation with your loved ones, what could be more practical than a life buoy bracelet designed to protect you and your travel companions? The 

Kingii Wearable military-inspired “NATO” strap is extremely versatile and is designed to be comfortably worn on either a small wrist, like that of a child, or over a thick neoprene wetsuit!

Resistant, reliable, fast and easy to fasten, Kingii Wearable is the small adventure companion you forget you have but can make a big difference in case of need.

Ready to go? Don’t forget to pack your Kingii Wearable too!

Ready to go?
Don't forget to pack your Kingii Wearable too!

In the most remote places, on pristine beaches, through landscapes that you would never have imagined: let yourself be surprised by the beauty but not by the unexpected!

Kingii Wearable is the smallest wrist flotation device in the world that adds a huge dose of fun to your trip. The trusted companion to take on your adventures around the world, because when you travel you never know where you will dive next! For this reason Kingii Wearable travels with you by plane, and it is provided with all the instructions and forms to be presented at check-in to embark it both in hand luggage and in the hold. Find out more in the dedicated section!









Peso supportato 130kg


Kingii Wearable, with a weight of only 168 grams (0.37 lbs) and a buoyancy of 57 Newton, inflates in less than 2 seconds and keeps a person up to 130 kilos afloat.


Kingii Wearable is the super light wrist buoyancy bracelet: it weighs only 168 grams and has 78 times less volume than a life jacket.


Kingii Wearable is the super light wrist buoyancy bracelet: it only weighs 168 grams and has 78 times less volume than a life jacket.
Gli Ascoltabili

Water & The Hero tells the stories of “normal” people, who turn into heroes after encountering water. Water as freedom, adventure, lifestyle. A challenge with nature and with oneself. For the heroes of today and tomorrow, Kingii is the ideal adventure companion, an individual safety device ready to be by your side in all your ventures, and the “heroes of water” are the protagonists of Water & The Hero.

Led by Riccardo Felici, they retrace the most important stages of the hero’s journey they have experienced: from the start to the goal, passing through the obstacles to the finish line. A journey that revolves all around water: an element that belongs to us, inspires, and determines a bond.

Water: the primordial element par excellence is in fact the leitmotif of the podcast signed by gliascoltabili.it created by Cast Edutainment for Kingii!

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